My name is Samantha Wallen. I'm a writer, poet and writing coach/guide who has an insatiable need to go deeper into things, to peer inside life's complexities, poke around with my pen, and attempt to understand and render them without easy judgement.

The stories and questions that won't go away, the ones that are hard to answer and reconcile, are the ones that draw me in. Questions like: What is my responsibility to the suffering of others?

We are living in a time of difficult stories and relationships that are hard to reconcile. I'm concerned with how we can restore what has been lost. I want to know how we can meet the urgent realities of climate change, degradation, divisiveness, violence, consumerism, and human-centeredness with a sense of what’s still possible.

I also simply enjoy following language, writing what wants to be written , which is what I started doing daily when I joined Medium in 2017. I share poem, personal stories, articles about writing and the writing life, and other things that don't quite fit a genre. Curious creativity and following the dark edges of wonder with my mind, spirit, and pen is at the heart of my writing life.

Wonder and awe can be found in everyday moments, such as witnessing a sky bursting with stars, a total solar eclipse, or seeing your child take their first steps. But I believe that awe and wonder are just as important in the difficult places, the places where things are hard to reconcile. It's in those moments of tangled confusion that we can find something profound and life-affirming, if we are willing.

I invite you to read along and thank you for being here. You can subscribe to receive my posts via email HERE.

❤️ Sam

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Poet, writer, writing & book coach — Seeking to restore the soul of our world one word at a time…